TransCanada's philanthropy touches a range of East Texas organizations

Feb 7, 2014

Keystone XL pipeline builder TransCanada will begin accepting grant applications later this month in the second year of its charitable fund earmarked for East Texas organizations. 

TransCanada’s $125,000 fund is donor-advised and administered through the East Texas Communities Foundation in Tyler. Foundation program officer Mary Lynn Smith said organizations in 18 East Texas counties are eligible for the grants.

“It’s all the counties that are touched by the pipeline, where the pipeline traverses their county,” Smith said.

TransCanada recently announced that 15 organizations had received funding in the first grant cycle, totaling $50,000. Smith said the grants fall into three categories: safety, environmental, and community. The grant awards touch a wide variety of organizations – from master gardeners to daycare centers.

The East Texas Communities Foundation has 215 funds that are mostly donor-advised, according to Smith, but this one stands apart.

“We have enjoyed at the Communities Foundation working with a large corporation like this. We have contact with a number of employees within TransCanada. They seem genuinely interested in the community where they are working, and that’s been pleasant,” Smith said.

Smith will open up the online grant application form on Feb. 17. She expects TransCanada to award $25,000 in this second grant cycle, and the application deadline is in May.