On the "Sonny" Side of Harlem: The Sonny Rollins Story

Airs Tuesday, May 15, 2018, at 10 p.m. Sonny Rollins is 87 years strong and enjoying the respect and honor that comes with artistic acclaim, travels and performances worldwide, being awarded the National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama in 2010, and having his work and artifacts permanently installed in one of Harlem's premier institution, The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

We're so pleased to offer stations a new Special Program from WCLK in Atlanta, On the "Sonny" Side of Harlem hosted by longtime Jazz aficionado Debb Moore. Listening to Sonny Rollins interview clips in this 1-hour Special is like having a master come down from the mountain to enlighten us. Rich with many, many clips of Rollins sharing his story with Host Deb Moore, we hear his path to artistic accomplishment, his insights about life, and notes from a life well lived.

Rollins is retired and lives quietly in upstate New York. He rarely grants interviews. But agreed to speak with Debb Moore, an Atlanta based Jazz radio veteran of 27 years, and Host of weekday jazz on WCLK-FM, well aware of her lifelong commitment to Jazz.

Moore skillfully navigates the interview, uncovering stories of his childhood growing up in Harlem, finding clarity as a musician and a man. Sonny explains, "I tried to perfect myself, what I was doing, my craft and my music."

On the "Sonny" Side Of Harlem also features comments from friends, family and Schomburg curator Shola Lynch, all of whom offer additional insight on his work and legacy.

"Sonny is a warm, sincere and very private man whose music has given pleasure to millions around the world for decades", said Moore. "He is really the "last one" standing when you consider the Jazz greats that laid a foundation for good Jazz music to exist. There is no one like Sonny Rollins", added Moore. "And it is my hope that I can offer just a little bit of knowledge as to why Sonny Rollins matters in 2018".