Shreveport tech firm set to transform Web commenting system

Dec 20, 2012

A Shreveport-based digital technology firm is set to launch a platform that will transform the way people make online comments and follow discussions across the Web. Logic Nation’s president Bart Bordelon says online posts will become orderly and informed once the technology rolls out early next year.

"We've actually changed the way people will react to the information and their commenting systems," Bordelon said. "We've fixed a 10-year-old problem on the Web, and brought order to chaos with discussion."

Logic Nation president Bart Bordelon (left) and chief technology officer Alexander Barenboim discuss the potential of their start-up tech firm in Shreveport.
Credit Kate Archer Kent

Bordelon said Logic Nation has 40 employees in Shreveport. The two-year-old company’s latest recruit is an IBM alum. Chief Technology Officer Alexander Barenboim said when he heard Logic Nation's story he was convinced that he could launch it and take the technology to the masses.

"Our customer base is practically everyone who has something to say," Barenboim said. "Everyone who has a computer and anyone who contributes in some kind of way to anything written on the Internet anywhere."

Bordelon said Logic Nation’s Web site will launch in more than 50 languages. The white board in his office reveals a strategy to take it global. He said his firm has introduced the technology to celebrities who have loyal followers, and even the attaches of world leaders. If Logic Nation takes off, it will not relocate to a high-tech city.

"Shreveport literally could go from not being known at all for tech - outside of Moonbot Studios and Twin Engine Labs," Bordelon said. "When Logic Nation goes to the scale we believe it's going to, we could put Shreveport on the map."

Barenboim plans to work with local universities to ramp up hiring next year of Web designers and developers. Bordelon said the company received about $3 million from local angel investors whom he found are hungry for an alternative to oil and gas well prospects.