Sci-Port Discovery Center To Reorganize, Honor Memberships

Jul 12, 2018

NEW MANAGEMENT? Shreveport City Council approved an agreement for a new management group to take over Sci-Port Discovery Center.
Credit Courtesy: S'port-Bossier CVB

CITY APPROVES SCI-PORT CEA:   Sci-Port  Discovery  Center is a 92,000 square-foot science and entertainment  center on Shreveport’s Riverfront, it’s  been a popular family attraction for years.  However  Sci-Port  has  had problems  staying solvent  for  various  reasons stemming  from  alleged  mismanagement  and  lack  of  funding.                      

Earlier  this  week,   the  Shreveport  City Council  approved  a  plan  to  reorganize  Sci-Port  and put it  on a more  stable operating  path.   It’s  a  cooperative  endeavor  agreement  between the City  and  a new group called - Red River STEM, Inc.,  which stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math.  This group  is  to  manage and  operate  the  children’s science  center.

Kristi Gustavson, Executive Director-Community Foundation of North Louisiana
Credit Courtesy: CFNLa

Kristi  Gustavson is Executive Director for the Community Foundation of North Louisiana, a group  that  has provided  grants  to  Sci-Port  in the past.   She  is  part  of  the  effort  to  help reorganize  the  former  Sci-Port and  joins me now  to  explain  what  this  agreement  means and  what  happens  next.

GUSTAVSON: "The city council approved the entry of a  cooperative endeavor agreement with a new entity named  Red River STEM for the use and management of the children's science center known as Sci-Port. So eventually it allows new management of the science museum.  And the transition will take place on August 1st, I believe is the effective date of the CEA.  Starting August 1st there will be a new board chair and shortly thereafter a new executive director.  Sci-Port hasn't had an executive director for at least a year."

RED RIVER RADIO: So will there be any dramatic changes to Sci-Port?  Will it still operate under that name or will it come under a new branding banner?

GUSTAVSON: "It'll still be called Sci-Port and the mission will be very similar to the original mission of Sci-Port. Obviously with a new executive director come new and exciting ideas. I'm sure some thing will change and some things will be similar. It's my understanding that POP and IMAX will stay open hopefully through the transition from old management to new.  So there will be a component of Sci-Port that's open even while the new board and executive director are working on any changes they want to make to the exhibits and that kind of thing to get the entire space back up and running."

RED RIVER RADIO: Gustavson  says  that  current  SCI-PORT memberships will still be honored and for updates… members are advised to check the website