Rethinking Religion: New Directions in Prayer

Airs Sunday, March 30 at 6 p.m. Rethinking Religion – New Directions in Prayer: Trauma and Prayer weaves together insights and experiences on how people working through emotional and mental trauma have used prayer, psychological therapy and meditation to effect healing and recovery. Practitioners explore ideas about what these different strategies have in common – and that the future of healing is in understanding the connection between body, mind and spirit. 

 During the hour we hear from religious leaders, clinical psychology professionals, leaders of recovery centers, researchers, Buddist and mindfulness meditation practitioners, war veterans, domestic and sexual abuse victims, and recovered addicts.  Those on the giving and receiving end of healing practices share deeply about using prayer and meditation to find their internal center, and their connection and place in existence, and/or to a reality that is much bigger than themselves.  Far beyond the trauma of healing, this documentary is thought provoking and inspirational on the topic of man’s ability to connect with creation in order to experience a richer and healthier life.  By Producer Jim Luce in association with the  Columbia University's Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life Writer Sally Plaxton. Technical Producer Duke Markos, Associate Producer Genevive Luce and Executive Producer/Host Norris J. Chumley.