Red River Radio on Backup Power

The campus of LSUS lost power early Wednesday morning and the damage has caused considerable problems for the campus and Red River Radio. Repairs may take several days and during that time Red River Radio will be running on a backup generator. We will have power for only critical equipment and will have neither phones nor email service during the repair time. We will still have access to our web site which is located on a server off campus and unaffected by the power outage or repairs. If you click on the header to this page you will be taken to a place where you can write posts and messages to us that are of a critical nature. We will monitor this page during the repair period and communicate back as needed. We hope to maintain all service during this outage but will focus our first priority on main channel service. Some programming adjustments may be required. We appreciate your patience and hope the entire campus is back to full power soon. Phone calls of an emergency nature may be directed to Kermit Poling at 318-573-6513 .