Newport Jazz Festival: Ray Anderson Pocket Brass Band Live

Airs Monday, June 16 at 8 p.m. Take a New-Orleans-style brass band, then cram it into a Volkswagen Golf: That's the general principle of how trombonist Ray Anderson's band makes a joyful noise with only four members. Matt Perrine is the sousaphonist of choice for many a New Orleans group; his bass line supports the trombone-trumpet free-for-all. The Pocket Brass Band presents music from his Sweet Chicago Suite, inspired by his hometown.


Ray Anderson, trombone
Lew Soloff, trumpet
Matt Perrine, sousaphone
Eric McPherson, drums

Set List

"Chicago Grays"
"High School"
"Magnificent Mistifyo"
"Going To Maxwell Street/Get To It"
"Some Day"
"The Stringray Rag"