Newport Jazz Festival: Miguel Zenón's Rayuela Quartet Live

Airs Tuesday, May 28 at 9 p.m.  It may be billed as a gig for the alto saxophonist Miguel Zenón, who is making his third Newport appearance in four years, but he would refuse complete credit. He teamed up with the French pianist Laurent Coq to co-write an album's worth of music inspired on the high-modernist Julio Cortázar novel Hopscotch — Rayuela, in the original Spanish. It calls for a cello and a trombone — Dana Leong plays both — and a drummer who can play tablas, so an obvious choice was Dan Weiss. Together, the quartet's literary and musical imagination runs wild.
Set List:
    "La Muerta de Rocamadour"
    "La Maga"
    "El Club de la Serpiente"