Newport Jazz Festival: Eddie Palmieri Salsa Orchestra Live

Airs Monday, May 26 at 8 p.m. Eddie Palmieri has earned the right to be confident: He's been leading Latin jazz and salsa bands for more than 50 years, and playing in them even longer. "I don't guess I'm going to excite you with my band," he's been known to say. "I know it." For a performance on Newport's main stage, he assembled a large group for maximum effect.


Eddie Palmieri, piano
Herman Olivera, vocals
Joseph González, vocals
Louis Fouché, alto sax
Jonathan Powell, trumpet
John Walsh, trumpet
Conrad Herwig, trombone
Jimmy Bosch, trombone
José Claussell, timbales
Vicente Rivero, congas
Orlando Vega, bongos
Nelson González, tres
Luques Curtis, bass