Newport Jazz Festival: Avishai Cohen's Triveni In Concert

Airs Monday, December 9 at 8 p.m. The New York trumpet player performed with his sister, Anat, at the Newport Jazz Festival on August 7. What is it with trumpeter Avishai Cohen and triples lately? He recently recorded a pair of albums with his band Triveni, a free-swinging trio which showcases his fervent imagination. He's also one of three Cohen siblings in jazz's top echelon; Avishai invited his big sister Anat, the celebrated clarinet specialist, to join him here. Fresh off a European tour with Dave Douglas' Tea For Three project, Cohen performs with Triveni and special guests at Newport's Harbor Stage.

Set List:
    Art Deco
    Puttin' Em Down
    One Man's Idea
    Safety Vent
    November 30
    October 25