Newport Jazz Festival 2013: Ali Amr Experiment

Airs Monday, April 7 at 8 p.m. Berklee College of Music graduate Ali Amr grew up in the Palestinian territories, where music was literally what kept him off the streets. He's translated that into a prepossessing command of the 72-string instrument called the qanun, and at Berklee, he's found a way to blend it into in a fluid, jazz-based improvising context. Like Robert Glasper, Amr calls his hybridized band the Experiment; that word has a different connotation in his hands.

Ali Amr, qanun and vocals
Elisa Lomazzo, vocals
Grace Kelly, alto sax
Christian Li, piano
Alex Toth, bass
Anthony Toth, drums
Sergio Martinez, percussion

Set List
"Where I'm Meant To Be"
"Tell Me Would It Be"
"Autumn Leaves" (Trad.)
"Spain" (Corea)