Many Still Haven't Applied For La. 2016 Flood Recovery Funds

Oct 12, 2017

Jim Lee's Baton Rouge home received 18 inches of water in the August 2016 flood. Once the water receded, he and his wife acted quickly to get their home habitable through Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program.
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FLOOD RECOVERY FOR LA:   Louisiana has received $1.7 billion from the federal government to help recover from the 2016 floods, a majority of which is being spent on repairing homes.  But according to Pat Forbes, director for the Louisiana Office of Community Development,  a lot of Louisiana home owners who had flood damage   haven’t applied for FEMA money to help with their flooded homes.  He updated the Legislature’s Homeland Security Committee yesterday  and revealed only about 1,800 homeowners have been awarded home repair grants.  Forbes added that people who were affected by Louisiana’s 2016 floods take the estimated 5 minutes to fill out the survey to see if they’re eligible for the recovery program.

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Pat Forbes, director for the Louisiana Office of Community Development
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