Louisiana Public Square: Redefining State Retirement

Airs Friday, March 30 at 7:00 p.m.  With over 83,000 employees, the State of Louisiana is the largest employer in the state. The retirement systems covering these current employees and former state workers have accumulated more than $18 billion in unfunded debt. Last year public employees’ pensions cost Louisiana taxpayers $1.78 billion. Governor Jindal has put forth several proposals this legislative session to transform the system to regain solvency. How will the changes affect current state employees and new hires? And can the system be revamped without breaking the promise to those who have provided years of public service?

Panelists include:
-  Allen Reynolds, Former State Civil Service 
   Director & RSEA Board member 
-  Frank Jobert, Executive Director,
   Retired State Employees Association (RSEA)
-  Robert Travis Scott, President,
   Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana
-  Kirby Goidel, Guest Host,
   Director of Public Policy Research, Manship School
-  Beth Courtney, Host of Louisiana Public Square