Louisiana launches website to unite perfectly suited employers and job seekers

Aug 14, 2014

Louisiana Economic Development is preparing to launch a website that will match employers that do business in the state with skilled workers. 

Nearly 1,000 job seekers turned out for a Benteler Steel/Tube job fair held last week in Bossier City. The Louisiana Job Connection's matchmaking site is based on one the state built for Benteler to find qualified candidates.
Credit Benteler Steel/Tube

On Monday, state officials will make a free matchmaking employment service available for the first time to both employers and job seekers who want to know their top options.

Louisiana is the first state to build an employment site that’s inspired by the online dating platform, according to Louisiana Job Connection executive director Kristi Williams.

“Behind the scenes is where the magic happens. An algorithm, very similar to the ones used on online dating sites, will go in and find the skills that are listed in the resume and skills that are required by the job,” Williams said.

The process takes about 20 minutes and both sides should see their matches within 24 hours.

Job seekers can choose from several levels of privacy and use their LinkedIn profile to populate their resume on Louisiana Job Connection, according to Williams.

This site will be part of a larger nationwide social media marketing campaign launching later this year that’s aimed at getting more native Louisianans to relocate to the state.

“You can’t make a plan to get home without a job that’s waiting for you when you get there,” Williams said. “The ‘Come Home Louisiana’ marketing strategy is to bring them to the Louisiana Job Connection site, so that they can quickly match, quickly find their perfect job, and start making plans to return home.”

The service begins in an economy where energy, chemical and other manufacturers are set to begin construction on more than $60 billion in new industrial facilities or expansions.

Williams is pleased with the buzz about the new site with 40,000 page views during the past month. She says thousands of companies are in the process of registering with the site and uploading their jobs.