Life Stories: Memory Five stories linked to memory

Dec 3, 2012

Airs Sunday, December 17 at 8:00 p.m.  These are public radio stories made over many years, by producer Jay Allison -- working together with Christina Egloff, and friends, colleagues, neighbors, strangers and whoever would take the loan of one of his tape recorders. They are are stories about life as we find it, and record it. Hosted by Alex Chadwick. In this hour: Beginnings - A chorus of artists recalling the moment they began.  Jack Murdurian Sings - The sound of art and memory fused on an audio cassette. How many songs can he sing in 45 minutes without stopping?  Jungles of Memory - A story of war and sanctuary, of beasts and obsession, the story of James McMullen and the Florida Panther. Cypress Knees - The 70-year-old King of the cypress swamp has trouble remembering exactly where he is, even as he scampers barefoot along a single board catwalk suspended above the slough. Ghosts - Even though she's not sure there are, writer Carol Wasserman hopes there are ghosts next door.