La. Legislative Deadlock Forces Special Session

Jun 9, 2017

LEGISLATIVE IMPASSE - Louisiana House members confer during floor deliberations over the state budget during the final moments of the regular session on Thursday.
Credit Courtesy: AP Photo

BUDGET FAILS,  SPECIAL SESSION BEGINS: Yesterday  Louisiana lawmakers had a dramatic show-down in state budget negotiations as the House and Senate ended the regular legislative session in a deadlock.  At the heart of the matter: The Senate plan would’ve  spent all money available, saving Higher Education and TOPS Tuition from further cuts…and addressing prisons, social services, and health care;  WHEREAS  the  House wanted to keep about  $50 million in reserve to offset any unforeseen circumstances.

FRUSTRATED WITH A FEW - Governor John Bel Edwards shared his thoughts on the legislature's failure to pass the state budget yesterday at the conclusion of the regular session. A special session convened 30 minutes later.
Credit Courtesy: La. State Gov.

At the conclusion of the regular session, Governor John Bel Edwards held a press conference,  expressing his frustration over the regular session’s  failure on succeeding in passing a  budget. So the budget process starts from scratch with action in the  House  Appropriations  Committee  Monday,  followed by the Senate returning Wednesday.