Flood Aid For La. Homeowners Available But Deadline Looms

Jun 1, 2018

RESTORE LOUISIANA PROGRAM - Louisiana homeowners who sustained damage  from the 2016 floods still have time to apply for federal aid but there’s a deadline to do that.  Shauna Sanford,  communications  director  for  Governor John Bel Edwards  gives  us  the details  on  the  Restore Louisiana Program  application  and  deadline.

"The deadline for those homeowners who have not taken the initial survey, which is the first step homeowners need to take in order to find out if they'll be eligible to receive a grant award in this program, 

is Friday, July 20th.  And again, that is only for those homeowners who have not taken the survey. So for those who have or those who have been invited to the application phase, this deadline does not apply to them."

Shauna Sanford, Communications Director - Office of the Governor / State of Louisiana
Credit Courtesy: Office of the Governor, State of La.

Sanford explains that homeowners who are interested in filling out the application can receive assistance if necessary. "It doesn't take long at all. You can do it online, you can go to Restore.La.Gov to fill it out.  It takes about 10 minutes or less. If you prefer to have someone help you, you can call 1-866-735-2001, M-F /8-6pm and folks there will be happy to help.  And in addition to that there are also going to be some outreach programs in your area where you can go in and you can get help one-on-one with representatives with the restore program. And they are happy to help fill out the survey."

More than 11,000 people have received grant offers totaling $292 million so far from the federally-funded homeowner program.  July 20th is the deadline,  the website is Restore.Louisiana.gov.

Credit Courtesy: Restore.La.gov