The Christmas Revels: In Celebration of the Winter Solstice

Airs Sunday, December 25 at 5:00 p.m.
     "The Christmas Revels: In Celebration of the Winter Solstice" is an all-new compilation of musical excerpts, plus a few short poetry and prose readings, selected from the Christmas/Winter Solstice Revels celebrations that took place in December, 2009, in ten cities across the United States.
     Described as a collection of "traditional and ritual dances, processionals, carols, songs and drama," the Revels performances use composed "art music" and sacred and secular folk materials from traditional European and American celebrations of Christmas, the Winter Solstice, New Year's, the Feast of Fools and Twelfth Night. In addition, each Christmas Revels has a particular cultural focus and/or period setting.