Bills to Reduce La. Tax Break Programs Head to Senate

Apr 18, 2017

Credit Courtesy: La. State Gov.

BATON ROUGE, LA - The Louisiana  Senate  will consider  proposals  to  whittle  away  at  Louisiana's  tax break  programs  to  keep  more  money  in  the  state treasury  for  spending.     Yesterday,  the  Senate  Revenue  and  Fiscal  Affairs  Committee  advanced  a  handful  of  bills  to  the  full  Senate  that  would  lessen or  eliminate  tax  breaks.    The committee advanced committee chairman J.P. Morrell's constitutional amendment that would limit a property tax break given to manufacturers in Louisiana, so that it couldn't apply to the portion of property taxes dedicated to local public schools, starting in 2019. If backed by lawmakers, the proposal also would require approval from the state's voters.

J.P. Morrell, (D) Chairman of La. Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee
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