Bayreuth Opera Presents The Ring Cycle: Die Walküre

Airs Saturday, November 16 at 12 noon. Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen is the perfect blend of words, action, music and drama into a "total work of art." It was the ultimate goal of Richard Wagner and nothing less than a complete revolution in theater. Wagner's vision became reality against all odds at his own festival in the Bavarian town of Bayreuth in 1876. Since then, only his own works have been performed there. The complete "Ring" premiered at the first Bayreuth Festival, and each new production has attracted the world's attention. The 2013 rendition by stage director Frank Castorf and conductor Kyrill Petrenko can be expected to generate controversy, as have productions in the past – following Wagner's own exhortation to "create something new."

This week, the second in this operatic cycle with Die Walküre (The Valkyrie) with tenor Johan Botha as Siegmund and soprano Anja Kampe as Sieglinde. This production also stars bass Franz-Josef Selig as Hunding; baritone Wolfgang Koch as Woton; sopraono Catherine Foster as Brünnhilde; and contralto Claudia Mahnke as Fricka.

Complete cast list: Roles and Soloists:
Tenor Johan Botha as Siegmund 
Soprano Anja Kampe as Sieglinde
Bass Franz-Josef Selig as Hunding
Baritone Wolfgang Koch as Woton
Sopraono Catherine Foster as Brünnhilde
Contralto Claudia Mahnke as Fricka

Allison Oakes as Gerhilde
Dara Hobbs as Ortlinde
Claudia Mahnke as Waltraute
Nadine Weissmann as Schwertleite
Christiane Kohl as Helmwige
Julia Rutigliano as Siegrune
Geneviève King as Grimgerde
Alexandra Petersamer as Rossweisse

CONDUCTOR: Kyrill Petrenko
ORCHESTRA: Bayreuth Festival Orchestra