Barbershop: Made in the USA

Airs Wednesday, May 22 at 2 p.m. "Barbershop: Made in the USA" is a program that explores the roots of a truly American art form--barbershop harmony.  While we've all heard barbershop quartets like the Buffalo Bills or seen the Dapper Dans at Disney World, few of us know how it came to be or what gives it such a special place in American music history and it was almost lost as an art form but is experiencing a resurgence.   A cappella music is sweeping college campuses now across the country and indeed across the world and barbershop is sort of the "martial arts" of a cappella music.  It's truly like nothing else---fun to hear and a lot of fun to sing. I'm a relative new comer to barbershop music having sung it for only about eight years now, but it has really provided me with an opportunity to perform for many people in many places and watch faces light up when you ring a chord the way no other music seems to touch people.  I hope you'll enjoy the show.