America's Music Festivals: Marlboro Music Festival

Airs Monday, April 23 at 11:00 a.m. The sleepy town of Marlboro, Vermont has a population just under 980 people, but it bursts into life each summer when the world’s leading musicians come together to play music and learn from each other in the Marlboro Music Festival. The festival prides itself on fostering a true sense of community among artists and invites them to spend up to seven weeks to rehearse, exchange ideas and share meals. The result: a festival that showcases nearly 240 works each summer.

Schubert:  Adagio in E-flat Major, D. 897
Haydn:  Aus des Ramlers Lyrischer Blumenlese, Hob. XXVb/c: I, III, V and VI
Adès:  Arcadiana, Op. 12: IV, V, VI, and VII
Brahms:  Zwei Gesange, Opus 91
Shostakovich:  Piano Trio in E Minor, Opus 67
Cuckson:  Der Gayst funem shturem: III, IV, and V
Beethoven:  Choral Fantasy