America's Music Festivals: Amherst Early Music Festival

Airs Monday, April 9 at 11:00 a.m.  Every year, this dynamic fourteen day festival fills Connecticut College in historic New London, CT with the sounds of early music. The festival routinely works with the leading musicians in the field of early music, and presents a series of concerts, workshops and classes for festival attendees. Amherst offers classes in all things early music, including instrumental and vocal instruction, as well as classes about Renaissance and Baroque dance and early notation. The festival hosts the largest recorder program in the United States.

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Zacara da Teramo:  Gloria
Vivaldi:  Concerto in D minor from Estro Armonico opus 3, #8, RV 522
Giovanni Paolo Cima:  Sonata a 4
Benedetto Marcello:  Sonata V à 3 for cello, viol, and continuo
Tarquinio Merula:  Canzon ‘la Lusignuola’
Alessandro Stradella:  Sinfonia for violin, violone, and continuo
Heinrich Isaac:  E qui le dira
Johannes Stockem:  Helas ce n’est pas
Anon.: Dit le burguygnon (Flanders Recorder Quartet)
Henry VIII:  Pastime with Good Company
Henry VIII:  Though Some Saith
Anon.:  Gallarde de Royne d’Escosse, Wie Sal Mijn Troetelen, Gallarde Belle Qui Vas Martirant
Cristóbal de Morales:  Apostole Christi Jacobe and Kyrie from Missa Super fa re ut fa sol la
Anon:  Estampita
Vivaldi:  Chamber Concerto in D, P. 155 Il Gardellino
George Frideric Handel:  Venti turbini from Rinaldo
Encore:  Draganovo
Vivaldi:  Sonata in G Minor for two oboes and continuo, RV 81