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Wed November 9, 2011

Before Leaving The Bar, A Chance To Breathalyze

Originally published on Thu November 10, 2011 12:11 pm

A new SipSmart kiosk awaits customers at Caputi's, a sports bar in suburban Buffalo, N.Y. Customers swipe a credit card and then blow into a plastic mouthpiece attached to the side of the machine. Seconds later, their blood-alcohol level flashes on the screen.
Daniel Robison for NPR

Imagine driving without a speedometer and still trying to go the speed limit. Chris Montag, chief operating officer of Ladybug Teknologies, says that's analogous to going out drinking without a Breathalyzer.

"It's something we've done for hundreds of years, and nobody's ever had a tool and we guess ... that we're OK," Montag says. "But, really, how do you know when you've never been able to measure it?"

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