Sarah McCammon

Sarah McCammon worked for Iowa Public Radio as Morning Edition Host from January 2010 until December 2013.

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This has been a tough year for celebrity deaths — and a sad week for fans of Prince, who died Thursday at age 57. But as flashes of purple filled my social media feeds from friends mourning Prince's death, I just felt numb — and like an outsider, watching a ritual I couldn't fully join.

John Reinhart and Frank Vento have been hanging out — and making music — for decades. The childhood friends are huge Donald Trump fans, and they've written an ode to their fellow New Yorker.

Reinhart and Vento and their wives live on Staten Island.

That is the borough where many of New York City's working-class Republican voters live. Donald Trump carried Staten Island with 82 percent of the vote — his best county on Tuesday.

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