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FOOD-BORNE ILLNESS - Fresh fruits and vegetables make up a healthy diet but if not prepared properly,  they can make you sick and even be deadly.  Shakera  Williams  of Shreveport is a public health information student and will  present a Fruit and Vegetable Safety Program  takes  place later today at Shreve  Memorial  Library’s  Atkins Branch at 3704 Greenwood Road.  Shakera's presentation focuses on food safety and how we can  prevent food-borne illness at home.

Courtesy: City of Shreveport

COUNCIL UNDECIDED?-The Shreveport City Council met yesterday during a planning session where the focus was on Mayor Ollie Tyler’s  proposal  to have a Sports and Mixed Use Complex developed along Cross Bayou just north of Downtown.  Council members discussed a resolution to take the first steps to securing $30 million dollars in bonds to fund the Sports Arena, the mixed–use complex  however would be privately funded by Corporate Realty of Birmingham, Alabama  to the tune of $100 million or more.   Ever since the mayor announced the project last April,  social media has been

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Airs Tuesday, September 12, 2017, at 7:45 p.m. Gary Joiner remembers a shrewd Shreveport business entrepreneur, Mary Bennett Cane, who was born 205 years ago this week in New Hampshire. Commentator Gary Joiner recognizes her influence on the Shreveport economy in its early days.

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