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NEW FORECAST SHOWS LOWER SHORTFALL - Louisiana is expected to have a budget  shortfall, when the “FISCAL CLIFF”  happens July 1st  as  temporary sales taxes expire.    Yesterday,   the state income forecasting  panel  shared  revised  revenue  projections  from  a  $1 billion-dollar shortfall  to  around  $648 Million.  This new  forecast  is  based  on  expected  tax collection improvements,  largely tied to the recent  federal  tax overhaul passed by Congress.   So it means the state has about $340 million more to work with and while it’s an 

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LA. CONVICTED FELON VOTING RIGHTS - Released felons in Louisiana could get voting rights restored under a bill proposed yesterday by  Baton Rouge Democratic Rep. Patricia Smith.


READY PLAYER ONE-  The film “Ready Player One”  based on Ernest Cline’s bestselling book,  is set in the year  2045, with the world on the brink of chaos. But the people living in this world have found salvation  in  a  hyper-realistic, 3D, videogame  paradise.  Directed  by  Steven Spielberg, the film combines real actors who enter a sci-fi fantasy virtual world complete with incredible animation.