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COASTAL RESTORATION -  BP, Transocean, and Anadarko have all agreed to pay some $5.3 billion to the Gulf Coast RESTORE Trust Fund.  But not all that money will be available at once and it could take years for everything to be paid.   The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority heard the news this week.  There are some proposals to get things going but the public is asked to provide input on how the money should be spent.  To learn more,  go to:

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DAY IN COURT - Attorneys for La. Governor John Bel Edwards and State Attorney General Jeff Landry went to court in Baton Rouge Wednesday to argue about the Governor's executive order issued in April prohibiting discrimination in government and state contracts based on sexual orientation and gender identity, with an exception for contractors that are religious organizations.
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Airs Thursday, December 1, at 7:45 a.m. This week Commentator Dr. Cheryl White takes us back to the age of gold fever and the search for the mythical El Dorado.