Red River Radio local news highlights for Tuesday Feb. 9. 

The Civil War in Syria, which by all accounts is worse than the mainstream media are reporting, is creating a human tragedy not seen on this scale since the Killing Fields of Cambodia, the tribal conflicts of Rwanda, and before that the Holocaust. Commentator Gary Joiner reflects on the Syrian refugee crisis.

Cane River National Heritage Area

The Cane River National Heritage Area and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Grand Ecore Visitors Center in Natchitoches are hosting an exhibit this month that explores the ancient mounds and artifacts of Louisiana.

Red River Radio local news highlights for Monday, Feb. 8.

Gary Borders

Rosie is our smart dog. She is high-strung but controls majority-interest of brains in our two-canine household. Sometimes when Sam will not come inside, she goes out to look for him, shaking her little head. Rosie is a rescue dog. She looks like Chewbacca when her fur is long. Her breed is uncertain, but certainly mixed. She is 5 years old, well-behaved and does not shed. Sam, on the other hand, is a 7-year-old sweet, special-needs dog.