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LA HOUSE BILL – Yesterday,  Louisiana Lawmakers rejected  a  bill that would have extended a half-cent of sales tax to fill a budget gap that will happen as the one-penny temporary sales tax expires June 30th.  Louisiana Gov. John Bel  Edwards  has said such revenue is  needed to avoid significant budget cuts to state agencies, higher Ed and other programs.  Rep. Paula Davis, Republican from Baton Rouge had originally presented the  bill  thinking it would receive strong bipartisan support.

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. —The Arkansas Supreme Court Thursday cleared the way for the state to launch its medical marijuana program, reversing a county judge's ruling that prevented officials from issuing the first license for businesses to grow the drug.

Last March, Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Wendell Griffen ruled  that the state's process for awarding medical marijuana cultivation licenses was unconstitutional. But The Arkansas State Supreme Court said that Griffen did not have jurisdiction and reversed his ruling. 

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SCI-PORT CHANGES – Shreveport’s  Sci-Port Discovery Center  is a popular riverfront attraction for families from all over the ArkLaTex.  But despite that, the facility has  had  it’s  share  of financial problems in recent years,  it has had to scale back its offerings  after  a  state audit  revealed  Sci-Port wasn’t able to meet its financial obligations.   At a press conference yesterday it was  announced  that  a new management group will take over the reins in an attempt to pull things around.

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LEGISLATIVE ACTION - With less than a week to go before Louisiana's Special Session ends, today's legislative action in Baton Rouge could be critical to the special session's success or failure.    There  was  some  movement towards progress yesterday as 3 separate bills are up for debate on the House floor today; they include  renewing  portions  of  the expiring 1 percent sales tax..ranging  from  a  Third to a Half-Penny.    A  bill to keep .40 percent of the penny  by Rep.