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EL DORADO GOES MAD -  If you haven't heard already,   Something really big is happening in El Dorado, Arkansas, it's a thing called MAD,  which  stands  for  Murphy Arts District, aimed at revitalizing downtown El Dorado.  And here to explain more is Bob Tarren, MAD's Chief Marketing Officer."We are building ultimately a $100 million-dollar project in downtown El Dorado. It's going to consist in phase 1 an 8,000-plus person outdoor amphitheater complete with a farmers market kiosk, and a beautiful stage.

Airs Friday, September 22, 2017, at 7:45 p.m. This week commentator Gary Borders is both charmed and confounded by Will Shorts, the NPR Puzzle Master on Weekend Edition Sunday.

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GRAHAM-CASSIDY HEALTHCARE BILL - The latest effort to repeal and replace  The  Affordable Care Act,  commonly known as “Obama-Care” is a bill crafted by Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy and South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham,  both republicans.  The “Graham-Cassidy” bill would establish a Block-Grant  system to states to cover healthcare costs for Medicaid recipients… Senator Cassidy told CNN yesterday how the bill would work.“Our bill gives the Governor responsibility, which she or he may not want, but that’s the best way to get people covered," But Louis