Nick Annis en Caravan: Pierce Pettis <p><strong>Airs Friday, March 7 at 9 p.m.</strong> This week on the Caravan we feature a couple of cool songs from the movie "A Love song For Bobby Long" and we'll catch some Angels&nbsp;Falling with Neil Young. Twang Darkly will take us delving and we'll follow The Neville Brothers down a long dark road and Warren Wilken will bring us on home. In our second hour we'll have a concert by Pierce Pettis recording at the Second Street Bakery and tonight in our final hour we'll visit with "A Natural Man."</p><p> Sat, 08 Mar 2014 03:00:00 +0000 Bill Beckett 40889 at Caravan: Pierce Pettis Caravan <p><strong>Airs Friday, March 1 at 8 p.m. (Special Time) </strong>&nbsp;This week on the Caravan we start with live music in our studio with Twang Darkly, beginning at 8 pm. They'll bring a unique blend of music featuring&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.5;">Appalachian dulcimer, banjo, </span>gourdtar<span style="line-height: 1.5;">, guitar, harmonica, flute, stand up bass and percussions. Following the show some live tracks from a new release by Nick Brumley,&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Lyle Lovett with Luke Bulla,&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Nick Annis,&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Cosy Sheridan,&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Chris Smither, and&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Muddy Waters with the Rolling Stones. Our Final hour, be quiet and play the music will have a special appeal with&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Jeffrey Foucault, Cat Power,&nbsp;Belle &amp; Sebastian,&nbsp;Joe Walsh,&nbsp;Chelsea Lynn LaBate, and the Hold Steady to name a few. We hope you'll tune and and also make a pledge during the show at 800-552-8502 or on line here: &nbsp;</span><strong style="line-height: 1.5;"><a href="" target="_blank">DONATE NOW</a>!</strong></p><p><a href="" target="_blank"><strong style="line-height: 1.5;">Caravan Playlist for Friday, March 1, 2013</strong></a></p><p> Sat, 02 Mar 2013 02:00:00 +0000 Bill Beckett 24330 at Caravan Caravan: Michael Garvin Live <p><strong>Airs Friday, January 11 at 9 pm.&nbsp;</strong> On the next edition of The Caravan we’ll hear something new from Craig Finn, something old from Erica Wheeler, and something blue from Taj Mahal. Then we’ll turn South with music from Nick Anis, Inkuyo, and Erin Corday.&nbsp; During our live set we’ll feature a session with Michael Garvin, a Shreveport native who’s returned home after many years in Nashville as a writer and producer. Michael has over 80 chart hits to his credit, with 30 in the Top 10, and 18 No. 1 hits, including George Benson’s “Never Give Up On A Good Thing” and “Waiting For Tonight,” which Jennifer Lopez took to the top. He’ll talk with Bill Beckett about his Louisiana roots, his Nashville career and touring, and the new directions he is taking with his music composition. Join us Friday night at 9 pm for The Caravan on Red River Radio.</p><p></p><p><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Program 002 Playlist</strong></a></p><p> Sat, 12 Jan 2013 03:00:00 +0000 Bill Beckett 22117 at Caravan: Michael Garvin Live