health en McDonald: On birthday blessings <p>The late commentator Archie McDonald would have turned 77 on Nov. 29. In this retrospective of commentaries, now is the time to&nbsp;listen to Dr. McDonald count his blessings, as he gently urges listeners to do the same. Dr Archie McDonald passed away on Aug. 16. Over the past quarter,&nbsp;Red River Radio has aired a&nbsp;sampling of some of his most memorable commentaries. He contributed to Red River Radio's Friday morning lineup for more than a decade.</p> Fri, 23 Nov 2012 13:35:00 +0000 Archie McDonald, Ph.D. 20200 at What Was I Thinking for May 10, 2012 <p>Commentator Brian O&#39;Nuanain takes on the body bulge as he readies himself for summer and his annual trip to the emerald isle of over indulgence.</p> Thu, 10 May 2012 12:35:00 +0000 Brian O' Nuanain 10925 at What Was I Thinking for May 10, 2012 Shreveport group fitness studio prepares for January bump <p>Fitness studio owner&nbsp;Patrick Mosley&nbsp;sees&nbsp;many new faces at his&nbsp;cardio classes in January, but sticking with a fitness regime proves difficult. He sends texts and Facebook messages to check in&nbsp;with clients.</p> Tue, 03 Jan 2012 15:16:48 +0000 Kate Archer Kent 4654 at Shreveport cemetery hosts luminaria event <p>Forest Park Cemetery in Shreveport prepared nearly 5,000 luminarias for a weekend ceremony to honor loved ones who&#39;ve died.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 19 Dec 2011 12:48:29 +0000 Kate Archer Kent 3840 at HIV infections rise in northwest Louisiana <p>The Philadelphia Center in Shreveport will host an event&nbsp;tonight to&nbsp;remember hundreds of&nbsp;Shreveport-Bossier&nbsp;residents who&#39;ve&nbsp;died of AIDS through the years.</p> Thu, 01 Dec 2011 14:37:59 +0000 Kate Archer Kent 2955 at HIV infections rise in northwest Louisiana