Tales of Hoffman http://redriverradio.org en The Lyric Opera of Chicago: Offenbach's Tales of Hoffman http://redriverradio.org/post/lyric-opera-chicago-offenbachs-tales-hoffman <p><strong>Airs Saturday, May 12 at 12:00 p.m.&nbsp;</strong> Red River Radio is pleased to present the Lyric Opera Of Chicago broadcast season with an opening night productions of Jacques Offenbach&#39;s &quot;The Tales of Hoffman.&quot;&nbsp; If ever a man was unlucky at love, it&rsquo;s Hoffmann, the wild-eyed poet who travels the world in search of the ideal woman and ends up thwarted by villains at every turn. First, he&rsquo;s smitten by Olympia &mdash; but discovers she&rsquo;s nothing more than a mechanical doll. Then, he falls for Antonia, a fragile songstress who&rsquo;ll die if she sings &mdash; and regrettably for him, she does both! Finally he&rsquo;s seduced by Giulietta &mdash; but the treacherous courtesan casts him aside. Impossibly beautiful music (including the famous Barcarolle) combined with flamboyant theatricality &mdash; that&rsquo;s why Offenbach&rsquo;s extravaganza is the perfect way to open our season. Sat, 12 May 2012 17:00:00 +0000 10919 at http://redriverradio.org The Lyric Opera of Chicago: Offenbach's Tales of Hoffman