EEO information

Red River Radio Network

EEO Report: 2013/2014, covering the employment period

from February 1, 2013 until January 31, 2014.
KBSA-El Dorado
There were no vacant positions filled during this period.

Red River Radio has maintained an ongoing program of working with interns who are interested in broadcasting. These interns learn the basics of radio and broadcast production through the creation of projects intended for airing on Red River Radio. These internships include opportunities for LSUS students and for students from other area colleges as well. Information about our internships is provided on our website:

Red River Radio makes available student work and volunteer opportunities to full time students attending LSUS.

Red River Radio also encourages volunteers who have an interest in broadcasting to take advantage of training and volunteer opportunities throughout each year.

Red River Radio has an open association with Grambling State University (home of our Grambling translator) for the purpose of providing production opportunities for students in the Communications department.

Red River Radio maintains a collaboration with the Louisiana School for Math, Sciences and the Arts where High School students gain an understanding of radio and broadcast production. Red River Radio also participates in a job fairs held on the campus of Louisiana State University Shreveport on a regular basis.

Finally, the network also abides by the equal employment opportunities policies of the University.

Submitted January 17, 2014